My Clients And Where They Come From: 2014

Have you ever wondered what sort of businesses pay for copywriting?

Have you ever wondered what industries I specialise in writing for?

And have you ever wondered where copywriting clients come from, anyway?

I sure have!

As 2014 draws to an end, I thought I’d take a look at my copywriting clients this year, and see if I could categorise them. I also wanted to know where they came from.

Now, I’m sharing the results with you. So here they are…

Why Keyword Optimised Content Matters So Damn Much

I recently had a conversation with a client during an SEO consultation that looked a bit like this:

John – why are less-developed, incomplete sites ranking higher for “Launceston plumbers” than our website is?

Me – do you use the term “Launceston plumbers” on your home page?

John – no

Me – do you use it elsewhere on the website?

John – not really

Me – then that’s why

Why No-Follow Links Should Be Part of Your Link Strategy

In the SEO world, you’ll often hear people talking about two kinds of links. These are “follow” links, and “no-follow” links.

Because the humble no-follow link doesn’t pass on “link juice” or “page rank”, is often sidelined in SEO strategies.

But in sidelining the no-follow link, I believe web marketers are making a huge mistake: we are forgetting the true value inherent in any link, and we are ignoring what should actually be an important cornerstone of any link-building strategy. Let me explain…

It’s Time to Give Your Title Tags a Spring Clean (or an Autumn Makeover)

Google’s gone and changed things. Again. 

The latest change that Australia’s favourite search engine has made is aesthetic. Have you noticed? The appearance of the search results pages has been altered. Which means that, for the sake of Human Optimisation, it’s time to give your title tags a spring clean. (Or, for those among you who currently live south of the equator like me, it’s time to give your title tags an autumn makeover.) 

Why Blog? 4 Reasons Blogging is Important for Every Business

Today I thought I’d write about something important.

No, I’m not referring to the awful dilemma I faced yesterday when forced to choose between the blue dress and the purple dress (though that was dramatic). This is something even more important.

‘What could be more important?’ you ask. Let me give you a clue. It starts with ‘b’, and it ends with ‘logging’. No, I’m not talking about deforestation in the Amazon (though that is important).

I’m talking about blogging.

Googling Yourself – A Beginner’s Guide

Upon reading the heading, which of the following options best describes your initial reaction:

A) ‘Ohhh yes I’ve always wondered how to Google myself – this is just what I needed!’
B) ‘Why the heck would I need a guide to GOOGLING myself?! That is, like, the simplest thing EVER. Seriously.’
C) ‘These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.’
D) ‘Isn’t it “Googleing”?’

Regardless of whether you chose ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’, if you want to learn how Googling yourself can be an entirely reasonable and business-sound activity, then this is the post for you…