Proofreading & Editing – Check Yourself

Have you ever been unsure about where to place an apostrophe, or debated the difference between “affect” and “effect”?

Typos, awkward grammar and misused words in your business communications and marketing can distort your intended meaning and taint your image and brand. In extreme cases, they may even become the subject of critical news articles. Or worse, viral memes that never go away.

Because words have so much power, a fresh set of eyes on any piece of writing constitutes an invaluable investment – especially if that piece of writing will be representing your brand.

That’s where I come in.

How I work with you

As a Brisbane proofreader and editor, I help business owners like you ensure your words are ready for outsiders’ eyes.

To do this, I thoroughly check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, clarity of expression and formatting to ensure an error-free and professional end product. This proofreading and editing service is charged at a set hourly rate of $100 plus GST per hour, with no minimum charge. If it only takes me five minutes to thoroughly proof your words, you’ll only pay for five minutes.

Whether you’re publishing a new brochure, distributing your next flyer, embarking on automated email campaigns or preparing your new website for the world, I can help.

Get in touch

Proofreading and editing represents a small price to pay for your professional peace of mind. So why wouldn’t you make this invaluable investment?

For details regarding my availability and to discuss your proofreading requirements, message me now using the contact form on this page, or send me an email. Carrier pigeons and paper planes are also accepted.

Pricing & conditions

$ 100 per hour

Proofreading and editing hourly rate

All materials must be provided in Word document format. No PDFs.