Why Your LinkedIn Summary Shouldn’t Be About You

Last Thursday I was invited to a presentation on LinkedIn by Julie Mason, the “social media princess”. She spoke to us about 5 key things everyone should do with their LinkedIn profiles if they want to generate more leads via that social network and enjoy success.

Her tips included the more obvious to the much less well-known, but very powerfulThey were all great tips that I was excited to implement upon my return home that night. 

But there was one tip she gave that left me feeling rather embarrassed. Mortified, even. Because as a copywriter, I should have known better. Here’s the full story…

Video Calls & Video Conferencing: Have you Tried Zoom.us?

When it comes to making personal or business video calls, there’s a newish kid on the block – Zoom.us.

I first noticed Zoom had arrived in the neighbourhood this past week, when I participated in a five-way Zoom video conference to discuss a new project.

Zoom’s a lot like the other kids in the area – Skype and Google Hangouts. All three offer free accounts and free communication via messaging, voice and video (you just pay for your data/wi-fi and electricity). They also all offer these services in HD sound and video, and have applications for mobile and tablet users.

But there are a few things about Zoom that are a little different. Things that I liked. Things that you might like…