A gentleman does not solicit paid links

No matter how deficient his site may be in backlinks (links from yonder websites to his own), a gentleman will never tarnish his honour by engaging in link-buying deals. He takes no pleasure in this black hat SEO tactic.

A gentleman always strives to encourage the fashioning of backlinks in a respectable manner, courting and wooing his fellow man with his website’s amiable and engaging personality, and the deployment of decorous inbound marketing techniques, as he builds a link portfolio that is beyond reproach.

As a devout SEO, he is also keenly aware of the special part of hell Google has reserved for those whom it discovers buying or selling links. The prospect of being eternally purged from Google’s index strikes pious fear into the heart of any gentleman SEO.

A gentleman never conspires to dupe Google with hidden text

No man who practises deception can aspire to the title of gentleman. Deception is a hallmark of the ill-bred. A gentleman recognises that concealing text from his readers but not from Google (through dubious expediencies such as creating white text on a white background &c.) is a mean and lowly art. He will demean neither himself nor his site with this black hat SEO tactic.

Even if his gentlemanly code of honour did not prevent him from engaging in this base and vulgar tactic, common sense would provide motivation enough.

A gentleman knows that Google treats a page with hidden text like a plague-ridden corpse, and quarantines infected sites indefinitely with a search result rank that protects the innocent, unsuspecting masses from the misfortune of stumbling across them.

A gentleman never stoops to stuffing his content with keywords

Keyword stuffing (or the spamming of content with keywords) is foul play. No gentleman would ever deign to participate in such a petty, dishonourable practice.

A gentleman knows that to stuff keywords is to entirely risk his reputation as an honourable, upright pillar of society. Instead, he chooses to fashion content for his readers, then to optimise it with a choice selection of keywords. This “human optimised” approach leaves both his dignity and his search result rank intact; it may even be the means of raising both.

A gentleman does not engage in the ill-conceived and dishonourable practice of duplicating others’ content

A gentleman will not risk his good name by condescending to steal content created by others. He disdains thieves, and will never resort to becoming one.

Creating original, quality content is the hallmark of a gentleman SEO. Stealing content from other websites is a practice seen only among the most ill-bred and distasteful of individuals.

Pilfering content is a tactic abhorred by every gentleman. It is equally abhorred by search engines, and Google punishes those who engage in this repulsive practice swiftly and severely.

Concluding counsel for the gentleman (and his inferiors)

A gentleman does not use black hat SEO. Chivalrous, courteous, honourable men refuse to engage in such dishonourable practices, and refuse to consort with those who do.

But for those men for whom self-interest is yet the strongest motive, heed this warning: black hat SEO is a poisoned chalice best left alone.

As any devout SEO knows, engaging in black hat SEO can result in removal from Google’s index. The state of those cast out from the index is pitiful indeed – ‘there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth’ (Matt. Cutts 13:42). Such behaviour is neither dignified, nor pleasant.

If you wish to avoid being cast from Google’s index, then the path before you is clear: never practise black hat SEO.

A final note on gentlemanly responsibilities

Have you found this article to be of assistance? A gentleman always shares an article he finds deserving of merit with his large and amiable acquaintance on social media.

Have you ever spied a website blighted by the ignominious practice of keyword stuffing, or noticed content that was blatantly copied from another site? Share your tale of dishonourable SEO in the comments below. A gentleman always comments on a blog if he believes others may profit from his insights.

A note from the author:

My dear friends,

In describing the vulgarities I have sometimes seen in others, I hope to always have the satisfaction of believing that such cannot be said of you; and I flatter myself that you will profit by my advice.

I am, as ever, entirely at your service should you wish to engage my services and take advantage of my expertise in ensuring that your site’s SEO is and ever will be beyond reproach. Please do not hesitate one moment to enter into correspondence with me on the matter.

I am,

Yours, &c. 

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