In-House Copywriting – Website Words Without the Hiring Headache

Whether you’re re-branding, launching a new website or expanding your online presence, some projects are just a little too complex to outsource entirely.

But unless you happen to have an SEO copywriter already in your employ, taking care of the all-important task of website and blog copywriting in-house simply isn’t practical (or wise).

Of course, the ideal solution would be an experienced SEO copywriter who’s available to join your team temporarily, immerse themselves in your business and brand, and help you produce website content that speaks to Google and your target market.

“Wouldn’t that be nice” I hear you say? Well, actually, that’s where I come in.

How I work with you

As an experienced SEO and blog copywriter (I’m Google’s favourite “Brisbane copywriter” – just google it), I can work closely with you and your team in-house at your office to craft the content you need. Whether that’s keyword-optimised website content that calls readers to action, informative blog posts that engage readers and establish your brand authority, or eBooks and brochures that entice readers to hit that “buy” button, I can help.

But bringing me in-house isn’t just about harnessing my experience and expertise for your business.

Having me in-house makes it easier to coordinate with internal stakeholders and specialists involved in your website project with minimal disruption to their day-to-day work. And when I’m sitting there at a desk in your office, it’s easier to get everyone who’s supposed to be reviewing and fact-checking to actually step up and do just that. In other words, bringing me in-house can make your entire website project run smoother and faster. Win-win.  

Let’s meet

I’ve worked side-by-side with Australian and international brands to craft content that met tight deadlines and drove real results. I can do the same for you.

Email me today to arrange a time to meet and discuss your website project and what you’re looking for, or drop me a line via the contact form on this page. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Indicative pricing

$ 100 + GST per hour

Hourly rate

Inclusions: Brisbane metropolitan hourly rate with no charges for travel, parking or lunch breaks. Additional travel and accommodation charges negotiable for non-Brisbane businesses.

$ 500 + GST per day

Day rate

Inclusions: Brisbane metropolitan rate for days approx. 0930-1700, including lunch break, no charges for travel or parking. Additional travel and accommodation charges negotiable for non-Brisbane businesses.