My Website Turn-offs: How to make me hate your website.

Why is this strange guy writing on the Brisbane Copywriter website?

Your friendly neighbourhood copywriter (that’s Emily if you didn’t know already) recently posted the following on her Facebook page:

SURVEY: What’s your PET PEEVE when it comes to websites? Do you hate extra long forms, having to create super crazy long passwords, pop-ups, or something else? Let me know!

I thought for a while and couldn’t really narrow it down to one. So like how Gimli (son of Gloin) asked the Elven Lady Galadriel for a hair from her head (only to receive three), Emily asked for a pet peeve, and I gave her ten. Then just like in Jurassic park, the gender roles were reversed too but that’s fairly irrelevant for this story.

Emily asked if I would do a guest post here. So I did.

Is Your Website Human Optimised?

SEO is important. Very important. But it isn’t everything.

Sweet-talking Google is great, but Google won’t pay you money, it won’t use your services, and it won’t subscribe to your newsletter.

Humans might. The trick is to ensure they do.

Human optimisation is the art of ensuring that people stay on your website and do whatever it is you want them to do there. Is your website human optimised?