Googling Yourself – A Beginner’s Guide

Upon reading the heading, which of the following options best describes your initial reaction:

A) ‘Ohhh yes I’ve always wondered how to Google myself – this is just what I needed!’
B) ‘Why the heck would I need a guide to GOOGLING myself?! That is, like, the simplest thing EVER. Seriously.’
C) ‘These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.’
D) ‘Isn’t it “Googleing”?’

Regardless of whether you chose ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’, if you want to learn how Googling yourself can be an entirely reasonable and business-sound activity, then this is the post for you… 

Your Basic “Basic SEO Guide”

‘I’ve heard of SEO, and I’ve heard that I need it. But what the hell is it all about and how do I get it?’

It’s a common question; almost as common as ‘where do babies come from?’

But today’s your lucky day, because today, your friendly Brisbane Copywriter – that’s me – has the answer for you. (The answer to the SEO question, that is, not the baby one.)

So, without further ado (and certainly without any more origin-of-babies questions), may I present to you your basic “Basic Guide to SEO”…