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Your're Your Friendly Brisbane Proofreader

proofreading-under-a-magnifying-glassDo you know the difference between "their", "they're" and "there"?

Can you use "effect" and "affect" appropriately?

And have you ever written "though" when you meant "through"?

Proofreading is essential to ensuring the success of any piece of writing. Typos and grammatical errors are more than just embarrassing – they also look unprofessional and sloppy. As such, they can taint your image and brand, costing you customers and business.

If you need help with proofreading, then it's time we had a chat. 

Proofreading Services

Are you looking for a professional, personalised and affordable proofreading service? My name is Emily Read, and I'm a professional Brisbane-based proofreader. I thoroughly check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and formatting to ensure an error-free and professional end product. If desired, I can also check your clarity of expression. 

Depending on the quantity of text you want me to proofread, my proofreading services start from as little as $20. I can help you with a range of proofreading needs, including (but not limited to) those described below. If that sounds like a service you could use, drop me a line via the contact form on this page. 

Website and Blog Proofreading

Don't put your customers off with sloppy spelling and grammar. Rest easy knowing that your content will be error-free by leaving worrying about which witch is which to me! 

Social Media Proofreading

Ensure care-free posting and avoid embarrassing errors on your business's social media updates with a special package specially tailored to your business's needs and social presence.

Corporate Communications

Communicate with confidence, knowing that your company's emails, letters and other written communications are flawlessly expressed and error-free.

Newsletters/Brochures/Flyers/Event Programs (print and online)

Set a set of fresh, sharp eyes on your company's newsletter, brochure, event program or flyer to ensure a faultless end-product for your customers.


Don't see what you're after? Give your friendly Brisbane proofreader a buzz and we can chat about what you want me to proofread.

Testimonials - Proofreading

  • "We engaged Emily to proofread an extensive, technical document. Her suggestions improved the content and provided a valuable quality-control exercise. She is an efficient proofreader and exceeded our expectations. We will certainly consider using her services again."

    ~ Marketing Manager, Trilogy Funds

  • "Emily's editing skills have saved me hours and I’m thrilled with the results. Thanks Emily, I’ll be back!"

    ~ Angelique Ahearn - NEEK Skin Organics