Introducing Emily 

As you've already figured out from the business logo, my name's Emily Read, and I'm the Brisbane-based owner and SEO copywriter at Emily Read Copywriter. 

The Magic of Words

When you have the right words, magical things can happen.

The magic of "right words" is what instills a love of reading in young children. It's the magic of "right words" that transforms a conversation from pleasant to delightful. And it's the magic of "right words" that helped my website climb the rankings to become Google's favourite result for "Brisbane copywriter".  

As an SEO copywriter, I can help you experience that same magic by giving you the right words for your business website

How I Operate

I make it my business to know everything about your business (but in a non-creepy way; this is a no-stalker zone). Then I craft website content with the right words to simultaneously sweet-talk Google and convince your prospects to choose you

I primarily compose copy for websites, website blogs, and LinkedIn summaries, but I can also help you with brochures, flyers, product packaging, posters, and anything else that needs words.


While I could tell you how awesome I am at doing what I do, and how great it is to work with me, I suggest you read some testimonials from my clients instead. You can also check out my portfolio

Call Today

Ready to get started? Too easy – simply call me today on 0488 077 931, or use the contact form on this page.

(Paper planes and carrier pigeons are also acceptable communication options; sadly, no one's utilsed either of these methods yet. Please feel free to be the first.)


Fun Facts

What? You’re still here? Well if so, feel free to learn a little bit more about your favourite Brisbane SEO copywriter and what makes me happy.