• these paper dolls are unique - your copy should be too, combining personality and seo
  • Emily the copywriter holding a wand ready to work some magic with your hard copy advertising
  • blogging should be a conversation, like these two speech bubbles
  • A copywriter dressed as Snow White and singing to a Twitter bird

Not enough business websites start that way.

That's because most business websites lack personality. They're missing headlines that grab the reader's attention. And frankly, they're boring

These common mistakes stem from a common cause: While many business websites are written for Google, most of them aren't written for humans.

A silly oversight, perhaps. But a common one. 

If you have a business website, it's imperative you don't make the same mistake. 

That's where I come in. 

Your Brisbane Copywriter

Who am I?

I'm Emily Read, your friendly Brisbane SEO copywriterI live and breathe words. And not just because my last name is 'Read'.

You Need Me

People are searching online for the services and products you offer. I help you ensure they find you. And then I make sure they choose you. 

I ensure people find you by weaving common-sense SEO into every element of my copywriting.

But I make sure people choose you by ensuring that the content I craft for you is optimised for humans, not just Google. 

With my help, you will grow your business, and connect and communicate with your current and potential customers. Just check out what these small and medium business owners have to say about how I've assisted them

What I do for you

I make it my business to know everything about your business. Then I choose the perfect words to sell your business to your customers, and sweet-talk Google too.

I compose content designed to appeal to humans and search engines alike. When you choose me as your SEO copywriter, I will:

  • choose the perfect words to communicate your message to your customers, telling them why they need to choose you

  • make people read (and won't let them stop), saying in five words what others would say in fifty

  • use common-sense SEO to ensure people find you, improving your keyword search rank by choosing the perfect words to communicate your message to Google

  • create content that pops with personality (because SEO doesn't have to mean sacrificing your brand's personality!)

  • save you time, because you won't have to write the damn stuff yourself

Other Stuff I Can Do for You

In addition to SEO copywriting for websites and blogs, I also write copy for posters, flyers, brochures, newsletters, product packaging, etc. You want it, your favourite Brisbane copywriter (that's me) will write it! I also do social media strategies and set-up, so if that's what you need, get in touch.  

Not in Brisbane? No worries! I also write copy and manage social media for businesses in Hobart, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia or overseas. So long as you're after copywriting in English (or very basic German), then I'm your girl!

Why Wait?

Choose to get more customers with clear, concise copy today! Check out my affordable copywriting packages, and find the perfect package for you. You can also learn more about me here